Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Recently, I introduced myself to someone I met at a publishing event and mentioned that I am developing a blog about science fiction and fantasy culture. The first question this young man asked me is if it’s unusual for there to be women in the science fiction and fantasy world. He admitted he’s not familiar with the genre, but he says he always things of pasty, geeky dudes when he thinks of science fiction and fantasy.

As a female who has been deeply involved in this topic since before I can even remember, this came as a surprise to me. Maybe it’s because many of my female friends are also interested in the fantasy and science fiction genre. Also, think about all of the wonderful female authors, actresses, and crafts people who contribute significantly to this field! I plan to profile many of them in the posts to come, and I really hope to see some female participation within the pages of this blog as well.

So, dear readers, are women still a minority in the fan base for science fiction and fantasy? How do you view the contributions that women have made to this genre? Why do you think people not familiar with the genre think this topic is exclusively (or mainly) for men? Please comment and let me know what you think!



Kara Thrace Battlestar Galactica http://indyman33.deviantart.com/

“Nothing But the Rain” http://indyman33.deviantart.com/

I intended to write my first post on this blog about what is arguably the best¬†science fiction¬†television show to have ever appeared on TV, Battlestar Galatica, but this blog is so much more than that. The SciFi/Fantasy genre has always been kind of the underground, “nerd/geek” culture stomping ground of popular media until lately. We can thank the new mainstream shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones for really bringing this genre out from the dungeons and into the light. This genre has always been important to me as a voracious reader and budding amateur fantasy artist, and it’s so exciting to see more people come to appreciate what the world of SciFi/Fantasy has to offer.

With this blog, I intend to cover what’s trending in the genre as well as my thoughts on everything SciFi/Fantasy. I plan to feature popular (and not so popular) tv shows, what’s happening in the book publishing world, Cons (Khans!!!!!), fantasy art/artists, and cos play, among other things. Join me on this epic adventure in (dis)covering this exciting world and all the great things it has to offer.

I think for most people, science fiction and fantasy tap into the human experience in a very different and very real way. Yes, the settings are magnificent and strange and out of this world, but the emotion behind it is very real to the reader/viewer. It’s more than just dragons, fairies, elves, whatever (although that’s really great too!). It’s about the human experience. It’s a way to connect to our own lives through a different and magical lens. It’s a way to communicate to each other about the things that fascinate and excite us. I hope to tap into the readership a bit through this blog as well, so story ideas and guest blog posts are always welcome. This isn’t all just about my thoughts and experiences. I want to know what the best and brightest minds in the genre are thinking about too!

So, what do you hear?
Nothing but the rain.