All Hallows Read for October! [Giveaway]

10411879_10152339225912343_7309159229074767804_nI think I love October the most. The leaves are starting to change and there’s a whole month of anticipation for Halloween, my favorite holiday! And best of all, it’s time for All Hallow’s Read! For more information about this illustrious tradition, you can read all about it on their website here.

Since I know so many fabulous people both through Twitter and here in New York, I’ve decided to do a contest on my blog and give away two great books: The Beautiful Thing that Awaits Us All by Laird Barron courtesy of Night Shade Books and Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling courtesy of Tor Books.

To enter, simply tell me your creepiest ghostly encounter in the comments below. A winner will be randomly selected from entrants via Rafflecopter on October 31st. You must be a resident of US or Canada to participate.

Click here to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!

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9 thoughts on “All Hallows Read for October! [Giveaway]

  1. In 93, I was attached to group in N Iraq. We were on a specific patrol to meet with a tribal leader to gain some intel. Little did I know that we were heading into a village of Yazidi. I had heard of them and understood the basis of some of their beliefs along with praying to satan to reveal the locations of his demons so they could be avoided. We were warned by our Col not to invoke the name of satan in any shape or fashion. Being a believer I understood and walked into the village guarded to say the least.
    I went to visit the local grave sites always finding how a people treat their dead tell a lot. I found some pagan symbolism and offerings on the graves. Some had hair above them which I later found out were from family members. So far no cold chills or feeling like something had walked through me. I have been in some “evil” places and didn’t get a vibe in that village like I had in other places in my life.
    One of the villagers wanted to show me a shallow cave which I later found out was a quiet place of reflection, i.e. prayer. Without hesitation I went to check out the shallow cave and as soon as I broke the entrance my heart felt like someone had a hold of it, slowly squeezing the blood from it. I saw shadows moving and looked for my host and he was standing outside of the cave which I noticed he wasn’t casting a shadow. I was glued to the floor and feeling worse by the minute. In utter desperation I prayed for God to make whatever had me release me as I claim myself one of His. After finishing the prayer the pressure on my heart eased and I slowly regained the ability to move my legs. Needless to say I bolted myself right out of that shallow cave and rejoined the others from my patrol.
    I didn’t see the young lad that was taking me around and asked our translator to inquire about him. One of the elders asked me to describe him as I wanted to thank him for showing me around so I gave as much detail as I could to the translator. A strange look came over the elders face when he replied to our translator. The translator looked at me and said I described a young man that had died almost a year ago.

  2. When I was 13 I had horrific nightmares of a ghostly, murderous pursuer who was always hunting and me and murdering everyone who got in its way…ussually by ripping out their eyes. They were aweful. One night I woke up just in time, but on waking was convinced he stood at the end of my bed. I could feel his oppressive presence…scariest moment in my life.

  3. There were pretty crazy thunderstorms where I lived when I was 9.

    One autumn there was a particularly bad storm. It rattled the springs in our old window fixtures. There was a crashing boom that woke me up and suddenly every electronic in my room came on. The Easter rabbit that repeated “I LOVE YOU MOMMY” and a tiny hand-held racing game. The rabbit made sense to me – it had batteries… but the hand-held game was unnaturally loud and hadn’t had a battery in it for over a year!

    They just kept going off. I ended up sleeping in the hallways for the rest of the night, with a towel tucked under my door. I didn’t know what evil was happening in my room, but I didn’t want to be in there with it.

  4. As a child we owned a really old trunk that made knocking sounds. My father bought it at an auction. It was very scary after I realized it wasn’t my brother or sister doing it, because frequently they weren’t home. My sister still has it, and the knocking sounds bothered her so much she moved the trunk to her garage and won’t sell it because she doesn’t want another family to have to deal with it.

  5. One November day I was walking the trails at the neighborhood park and heard a small child calling out from the area of the tennis court. I hurried to go check on the little one, but when the trail looped around and the court was in sight, I realized that the court was empty and filled with dried leaves that looked untouched. A horrible presence seemed to grip the place, which was remote and out of sight of the rest of the park, and my skin broke out in goosebumps. The only thing visually odd was a long-dead crow laying on top of the leaves at the center line.

    I’d been to that park dozens of times before and many times after and never felt anything like it.

  6. I used to work for the Longfellow National Historic Site, and one day when we were not open to the public and it was therefore intensely quiet in the house, I was trying on the reproduction of Longfellow’s wife’s dress in one of the upstairs bedrooms in preparation for a program later in the week. (Visitors always used to remark on how similar our coloring and features were, too.) When I was all dressed (hoop skirt, snood, gloves and all), I was looking in the corner mirror and I was convinced I could feel someone watching me from the doorway, but when I turned around, no one was there and when I checked later, none of the staff had been in that part of the house.

  7. I experienced very realistic nightmares throughout high school. Near the end of my senior year, I woke up in the predawn hours unable to move. My room was dark, but a little light came in through the shades. The silhouette of a tall, spindly figure stood next to my bed. Its eyes glowed a little. I knew it wasn’t friendly. I tried to yell, but couldn’t. I gradually fell back asleep. This was the height of the popularity of The X-Files; my friend insisted I was “abducted.” I think it was just a bad dream.

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