The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

I was planning to write my own review of The Dark Knight Rises, but I don’t think I can say it any better than Danny Bowes on Check out his blog post here:

Gotham’s Reckoning: A Spoiler-Free Review of The Dark Knight Rises |

I would like to say, though, that I think the Batman character is my favorite comic book turned movie character of all time. He is dark and brooding, handsome and complicated. The Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale franchise I think brought out the best of this character and this world. I’m not sure if this trilogy can be topped, and I hear there’s going to be a reboot in order to prepare for a Justice League movie that will compete with Marvel’s Avengers. Christopher Nolan has done so much with Batman, that I think this is the version of Batman that everyone loves and wants to see, so I think a reboot will have to stand up to a very loyal fan base. We have seen Batman go through some strange and unsuccessful interpretations in the past few years, movie wise, and I would hate to see it happen again post Nolan.

Read more: 3 Things We Have to Accept About Life After Nolan’s Batman | by Daniel O’Brien.

Now, I think I’ll head down to Forbidden Planet and read all the Batmans.


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